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Commons Math is a library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components addressing the most common problems not available in the Java programming language or Commons Lang.
Issue 835: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MATH-835
The percentageValue() method of the Fraction class works by first multiplying the Fraction by 100, then converting the Fraction to a double. This causes overflows when the numerator is greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE/100, even when the value of the fraction is far below this value.

Test case:


percentage  = 100 * ((double) numer) / denom

percentage < 0 (due to overflow)

Analyzed Result

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Add this assertion into org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction.percentageValue() at line 599:

assert numerator >= 0 ? result >= 0 : true;

org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction:599 (debugLine: 603)
suspiciousness: 0.96
Logic: result >= -0.0
Accuracy: 1

org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction:600 (debugLine: 604)
suspiciousness: 0.96
Logic: result >= -0.0
Accuracy: 1

org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction:555 (debugLine: 558)
suspiciousness: 0.92
Logic: fraction.numerator >= -0.0
Accuracy: 1

org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction:557 (debugLine: 560)
suspiciousness: 0.92
Logic: fraction.numerator >= -0.0
Accuracy: 1

The following predicate is output:
fraction.numerator >= -0.0 (org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction:557)


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This bug is caused by an integer overflow which caused numerator to be negative internally.


We feed the passed test cases from Ziyuan to Daikon. After a while, Daikon creates a lot of invariants (file). We check the invariants inside the functions multiply() and percentageValue(). However, no useful invariants has been found.


The input of FailureDoc is a sequence. In this case, we manually create below sequence as its input. However, FailureDoc says that the sequence has not error and does not give any explanation.


var0 = prim : int:21691754 :

var1 = prim : int:1 :

var2 = cons : org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction.<init>(int,int) : var0 var1

var3 = method : org.apache.commons.math3.fraction.Fraction.percentageValue() : var2