Open Positions

Multiple Postdoc Positions Available

Posted: August 2016

Our group has two Postdoc positions available. The research projects are
related to:

  • Source-code level verification of programs (against safety
    properties or security-related properties)
  • Run-time verification/enforcement, in the setting of standard
    Java/C programs or PLC control program in cyber-physical systems
  • Probabilistic system analysis methods (e.g. probabilistic model
    checking, statistical model checking, probabilistic model learning)
  • Data analysis and mining (for the purpose of applying formal system
    analysis/reasoning methods)

The postdocs will work with existing researchers in the group as well as
interact with researchers in the same research center (e.g. iTrust at
Singapore University of Technology and Design). Once hired, the candidate
will have the opportunity to travel overseas to collaborate with partners
of the projects.

The working language is English. The general requirements on the candidate

  • A PhD in Computer Science or related areas.
  • Strong background in logic and reasoning.
  • An established research record (for postdocs).

Strong programming skills and prior experience on working with actual
systems will be highly regarded. The term is currently one to three years
starting as early as October 2016. The salary range is 65K – 80K per annual
for postdoc. Singapore’s tax is around 3%-5% of the annual salary. 1USD =
1.35 SGD.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Jun Sun (
for more information.